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The Kitchen Sink Sundae

The Kitchen Sink Sundae at Walt Disney World is the most delicious challenge you will ever take on. The massive dessert, which is served inside of a kitchen sink that is brought to your table, can be ordered at a restaurant called Beaches and Cream. The restaurant is on the outdoor walkway at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. The resort is just outside of Epcot.

When you walk through the doors you enter a burger joint that gives you nostalgia for the nifty fifties! Burgers, fries and ice cream are the perfect recipe for a classically tasty dinner.

kitchen sink

The most famous food on the menu, and frankly one of the most at Disney World in general, is the Kitchen Sink Sundae. Disney played on the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink” when inventing this grand amount of ice cream. The sundae includes 8 scoops of ice cream, every topping they offer and an entire can of whipped cream. Yes, you read that right, a WHOLE CAN!


kitchen sink 2
The Kitchen Sink Sundae at Disney’s Beach Club


The entire recipe is listed in an article from Disney Parks Blog.

You must have at least 4 people in your party to order the sundae. I know some of you may be bummed out by this, but believe me, for a massive ice cream sundae, you’re going to want to even recruit the family from the table next to you to help finish it off. There’s nothing worse than wasting ice cream!

You can also order the Kitchen Sink in different flavors too. There is one that is classic, which is the one that is every flavor and every topping. My favorite is the version that is exclusively chocolate.

When I attempted to take on the challenge, I took along my boyfriend Steve as well as our friends Spencer and Austin. Let’s keep this in mind, three strapping boys and a girl with a huge appetite dug into this sundae at full force.


kitchen sink 3
Austin, myself, Steve, and Spencer ready to pounce on the sundae!


When your server brings out the dessert, the entire cast of the restaurant yells out the ingredients of the sundae finishing by shouting “A WHOLE CAN” to honor the insane amount of whipped cream that is on the sundae. Flashing orange lights even go off. It’s a spectacle.

It was so much fun trying to continue eating and pushing ourselves to take “one more bite”, but unfortunately we couldn’t finish. We can definitely understand why they make sure that there are four people present to eat the sundae – we think we could have used two more people to help us!

It was such a fun challenge to attempt at, but even more so, it is a memory that I will never forget. It is probably one of my favorite nights from the college program. I’d love to try again! Better luck next time!

Have you ever attempted to finish an entire Kitchen Sink sundae? Message us and let us know!

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