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Look at this Stuff! Isn’t it Neat? Read this and Make Your Holiday Shopping Complete! (WITH DISNEY DISCOUNTS!)

A Very Merry Thank You – To You:

The best time to make magic for others is during the holidays. You have all been so amazing for keeping up with my posts, that I want to reward you with discounts to my favorite Disney related Etsy shops and small businesses.

When visiting Disney Parks, it is always super fun to see other guests’ handmade ears, shirts, and more! Over time, I have found several shops to make quality products for affordable prices! Read on to snag some discounts on some of my favorite shops:


1. All Ears Boutique Co

all ears boutique 5
Up Ears by All Ears Boutique Co

All Ears Boutique Co is my go-to shop for classic style ears! Their ears are so comfortable to wear, especially after a long park day! I really like the teeth of the headband, which keep it in place. All Ears Boutique Co ears are absolutely fabulous with their imaginative designs, and does a phenomenal job of offering over 40 different styles.

Her products are so aesthetically pleasing and well made. Check out their website and use our exclusive code TRIPSANDDOLEWHIPS for 10% OFF!

2. Bows And Bounds

bows and bounds
Donald Duck Ears by Bows and Bounds

Floral and wire ears have been so trendy! Bows and Bounds is an incredibly creative shop that designs character inspired ears. Jenn, the designer and creator of Bows and Bounds, does a fantastic job at making beautiful ears.

I love that she includes over 60 characters in her designs AND takes custom orders! Her shop is a must visit for wire floral ears, perfect for Disneybounding, which is dressing up to look like your favorite characters! Use our code DISNEYTRIPSANDDOLEWHIPS10 for 10% OFF through 11/30/17!

3. Nicole Kent Creations

nicole kent 4
Handpainted Ears by Nicole Kent Creations

Nicole Kent Creations is an Etsy Shop that has a creator with immense talent. Her ears are unlike any other I’ve seen, since they are hand painted. Nicole Kent Creations is the perfect shop to find affordable custom hand painted ears! She paints magicbands too!

If you have been looking for something hand painted for your next trip, please visit Nicole Kent Creations on Etsy! Use our discount code DOLEWHIPS10 for 10% OFF!

4. Fantasy Ear Co

fantasy ear co
Dapper Dan inspired Ears by Fantasy Ear Co

Fantasy Ear Co is an Etsy shop, which I just ordered my newest pair of ears from! When I received my Spaceship Earth inspired ears in the mail, I instantly fell in love with them. The headband is comfortable, and the ears are very sturdy. The bows are beautiful and really bring the accessory to life. They also take custom orders, which is great! Essentially, if they can find the fabric for the design you want and make your dream ears come true! Use our code DISNEYTRIP for 15% OFF!


1. Polka Dot Pixie Shop


polka dot pixie shop 3

Polka Dot Pixie Shop has some of my favorite T-shirt designs! I recently ordered a Princess and the Frog inspired shirt from them and it is my new favorite thing. It is the softest shirt I own and is super light weight because it is made by a brand called “Canvas” (which is also used by Lantern Tree Studio). It’s 100% cotton which makes it very breathable. Their designs are colorful and unique and give homage to our favorite Disney movies and parks.

Polka Dot Pixie Shop makes apparel for women, men and children! I love that they include the entire family in their collection! Take a look at their shirts and use our code DREAMER for 15% OFF!

2. Lost Bros Trading Co

lost bros

The Lost Bros Trading Co is perfect for Disney dudes and dudettes. Sometimes, it’s hard to find Disney shirts online through Etsy or small shops that aren’t on the “girly” side. However, the Lost Bros Trading Co has really cool designs that remind me of my pop punk days.

They sell pins, jackets, shirts and more. Steve absolutely loves their shirts and really enjoys that they are not really geared toward a specific gender. I am hoping that he gets me the Cinderella varsity jacket for Christmas! The creators also make covers of Disney songs (so cool)! Check out their stuff and use our discount code THEBUBBLES!

3. Lantern Tree Studio

lantern tree studio 2

Lantern Tree Studio has some really clever designs, such as their Dearly Departed Tee (shown above). This tee has gravestones for “dearly departed” attractions, park areas, and shows. Their shirts are by the brand “Canvas”, which I have ordered from before. These shirts are super soft and lightweight – perfect for wearing in the parks.

Visit their website with our discount code DISNEYTRIPS10 for 10% OFF!

Other Gizmos and Gadgets Galore:

1. Wishes Candle Co.

wishes candle co 5

Wishes Candle Co is a fun and easy way to feel “at home” at home! They have a ton of scents that will remind you of your favorite attractions, snacks, resorts, and more! These soy based candles are hand poured and come with a free surprise pin hidden inside!

This shop makes candles, wax melts, tea lights and even air fresheners for your car! I absolutely love the smell of Animation, French Quarter, and The Spirit of Aloha! Find your favorite scents on their website and use our discount code BLOG10 for 10% OFF!

2. Planning the Magic Co

Attention first time WDW guests and those of you who love to plan your trips: Planning the Magic Co is literally the best tool for anyone planning a Disney vacation. This shop creates a journal for you with an outline that you fill in as you plan your Walt Disney World vacation. It has everything from budgeting, lists of attractions and dining locations, spaces to keep track of your reservations and fast passes and more. This is a great thing to pair with it. Below is an example of some of the sheets that are included.

planning the magic coIf you have your own journal, or even the Disney binder you might have already made according to one of my previous posts, Planning the Magic Co also sells inserts. This way, you can just insert the important pages to help you plan into your binder or current journal. This is an absolute dream for someone who has a love of organizing and planning their trips. Visit their site and use our discount code PTMC2017 for 15% OFF!

Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! It’s Off to Shop You Go!:

I hope you enjoyed this post! These are some of my favorite shops, and I wanted to make sure that I could give you all an early Holiday present! If you all love these posts, I’ll keep them going. I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to be a saleswoman, so let me know!

Do you have a favorite Disney shop?

I’m excited to hear from you, but until then.. happy shopping!

1 thought on “Look at this Stuff! Isn’t it Neat? Read this and Make Your Holiday Shopping Complete! (WITH DISNEY DISCOUNTS!)”

  1. Shelby, I thought this post of yours was creative and a nice way to “give back” as you suggest to your followers, as well as thanking them for their loyalty in following you as a blog. I also thought the Etsy shops you chose to include––I thought all of them are geared to the different audiences within your audience nicely as you have a variety of shops catering to different elements of Disney in your post. I also wanted to comment on how I’ve loved all your images you’ve used over the course of your blog posts and how you’ve been able to find unique ways to present these photos in a way that captures your audience.


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