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Shelby’s WDW Planning Series: Building your Disney Bible

But DT&DW, what exactly is a Disney Bible? Well folks, you’re about to learn.

WDW Prep School is a blog that I thoroughly relied on as I was planning my first trip to Walt Disney World back in 2014. I stumbled upon a blog post that suggests that you create a Disney Planning Binder, which includes printable park maps, crowd calendars, and transportation maps. I put my heart and soul into creating this binder, and it made the rest of my vacation planning a breeze.

Obviously, you can decide which print outs you choose to include, and those you choose not to include. A list of the WDWPrepSchool provided binder inserts are the following:

  • Disney World Map
  • Best/Worst Parks (to visit on certain days) Chart
  • Transportation Map
  • Monthly Park Hours
  • Trip Planning Worksheet

I took my binder a step further by utilizing some of their other posts, and printing up useful pdf charts I thought would be helpful to have handy. Check out these links as well:

  • Dining Plan Credit Value Chart (This post has 2 pdf charts, one for table service, and one for quick service. It will help you decide how to get the best value for your dining credits through the Disney Dining Plan. For example, you might want to use your 1 credit at Akershus for dinner, at $52 a plate, instead of Captain’s Grille for breakfast, which is usually $19 a plate. This thought system helped Steve and I decide what to pay out of pocket for if we decided to book any extra table service meals that surpassed our dining credits.)
  • Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin Tips (If you’re hoping to get the highest score, and become a galactic hero, include this in your binder!)
  • Toy Story Midway Mania Tips (Like Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, here are some tricks to help you get a higher score on Toy Story Midway Mania)
  • Fastpass+ Options for Each Park (You’ll have to write these out, or type them up, but they are definitely good to reference when it comes time to pre-planning your Fastpass reservations before the time comes to make them! I rely on WDW Prep School’s posts for these. Click on the park you need through these links – Magic Kingdom, EpcotHollywood StudiosAnimal Kingdom)
  • I took the time to do some character locating research on Kenny the Pirate’s blog. He is a great resource for character locating, as well as other information.
  • Touring Plans (This website will create itineraries for you, which is really cool. It’s the only thing I have suggested that will cost money, but for my first trip I found that it was worth it to know what order to do the rides in. You can decide if you want to do more walking, or more waiting – which is a fair question when it comes to visiting WDW. This is what touring plans is great for, especially if you like a schedule. If you want to take it leisurely, it allows you to do that as well. Definitely look into it if you enjoy having a schedule, or even a loose schedule.)

Also, Bob Sehlinger and Len Testa put out updated versions each of their book called, “The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2018”. It is THE book to have when it comes to getting some more information, in an honest and sometimes sarcastic (in a funny way) tone. These guys get that you’re spending a lot of money on your trip, and that it gets stressful – so they are there to give you the info you need to succeed, while making it funny so you don’t get overwhelmed.

I know that it might seem like a lot of work, but it’s helpful when you have everything to reference in one spot, rather than checking a million websites and digging for archived articles. It was very helpful for me, and helped me keep all of my travel plans and confirmations together.

Now that I’ve thrown a lot of homework at you, go ahead and create your own Disney binder!

Let me know if this works out for you, or if you found anything I didn’t mention that you decided to include in your binder!


8 thoughts on “Shelby’s WDW Planning Series: Building your Disney Bible”

  1. Hi Shelby,

    This post is beautifully organized! You have a great mix of your personal advice, along with outside sources. The links to other blogs and sources are also helpful. You give real, honest reviews of each source, educating your followers well! Most importantly, you acknowledge the frustration that goes along with planning a family vacation. You seem so relatable. I would love to see some more pictures in here. Great work!



  2. Your blog provides great resources for your readers. I enjoyed that you included the resources you used because it limits the search for people hoping to plan their trip. It could be useful to provide images of your binder if you still have it. Great job!


  3. Wow, this is an incredible amount of information! This seems like the perfect place to start planning your trip, and would really help someone who wants to squeeze every drop out of their Disney trip. I also really like that the majority of your links were free, as any trip to Disney world is already costing enough! I would definitely send anyone planning a trip to Disney World right to this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Robert!

      I try to give my best and honest planning advice. Disney is very expensive for a lot of families, and I recognize that people want to do it right! Thanks for your feedback! If you have any direct questions about vacation planning, feel free to message us!


  4. The sheer amount of resources and information you were able to package in this post is great considering its length. It shows that you really are passionate about everything Disney related and helping people have the best experience possible on their trips.

    I don’t know if it would at all be possible to link any images here. If you could, maybe including the park map or transportation map in the post would help? Inserting Headers could also help people read along with this in chunks since there is so much info packed in here. You keep this useful and applicable for nearly everyone who wants to go to Disney World, whether it be their first time or their 100th. I’ll keep this stuff in mind for when my little sister begs me to drag her to Disney World over summer break.


    1. Thanks Zach! I thought about using pictures but I didn’t want to stretch it out and make it too long! I wish I could find my binder, I’d take pictures of it and include it. Maybe I’ll find it and edit the post later. Thanks for your feedback!

      And drag you to Disney?? No! You’ll willingly go and have fun. Disney is for EVERYBODY! 🙂



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